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Why Precieux Art Is Still The #1 Place to Buy Jewelry

An Honest Education

Ask us any question and we’ll give you an honest, straightforward answer. We don’t just say, “This diamond is extremely fine quality...” We’ll show you why it’s a VS2-G by showing you the inclusions under the microscope and comparing it to an F and H color to let YOU decide if it’s worth it. It’s easy for a salesperson to make a diamond seem better than it really is if the customer doesn't pay close attention.

All Repair Work Is Done Here

We are one of the few jewelry stores left that does 99% of all repair work in-house. We don’t send your ring out to get it sized, prongs re-tipped, etc. Our main bench jeweler has been with us over 26 years and believe me when I say this: he’s picky! You can rest assured your jewelry will be repaired and finished to perfection. Read here why all jewelry repair is NOT created equal.

Largest Selection Of Jewelry In The Area

We aren’t like most jewelry stores who stock only the standard pieces they expect to sell in one year. Our goal is to keep our selection interesting and different from everyone else. We offer everything you can expect to find plus a huge variety of colored stone jewelry and hundreds of engagement rings. We’re also prepared to search the markets for any kind of gemstone you can imagine. Stop in and take a look.  Serving all of Iowa including Ames, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and more.

Custom Design

If we don’t have it, we can make it. And the beautiful part is, it doesn’t cost much more than a piece right out of inventory. After a small fee for the CAD image (a digital representation of the piece) that is created to your exact specifications, the price is based on materials and labor just like any other piece. Don’t let other stores fool you into thinking “custom” should cost a bunch extra. The same goes for high-end designer rings. That high price is not because the diamonds are that much’s because they spent millions on advertising. Let us make you the same ring for almost half the price.

Loose Diamond Inventory

A lot of stores sell the diamond and the ring as a “package deal”, forcing you to settle for a center diamond that isn’t the best quality. The nice thing about our selection of rings is that you can almost always choose the exact center stone you want. We have a very large inventory of loose diamonds and we’ll help you find the best diamond within your price range. We offer GIA and EGL USA certified stones, as well as non-certified stones, but we’ll explain the differences and always let you compare them with one another so you can see the exact quality you’re paying for - not just what’s on the certificate.

We Buy Gold PLUS Diamonds And We Accept Trade-Ins

Many jewelry stores in Waterloo and Cedar Falls buy gold but do not buy diamonds. We pay you for both on the spot. You also have the option to trade in your old gold jewelry and receive credit towards a new purchase. We pay some of the highest prices for scrap gold and will always give you fair market value for any trade-ins.

Our Reputation

A good jeweler lasts because of his or her reputation. I officially opened my business in 1982 and have done well for many reasons, but nobody can deny the power of word of mouth. After 30+ years I have seen over 18 jewelry stores in Cedar Falls and Waterloo come and go. I think this says something, but our customers have given their input over the years as well. Feel free to read through some testimonials from real people here.

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