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When shopping for any item which comes from nature and is not a standard manufactured item, the quality and price can differ greatly.  For example, a 1 ct round diamond in its lowest quality and not cut very well can cost less than $2,000. A 1 ct round diamond in its finest quality and very well cut can cost over $14,000. Quite a difference!

Remember, when buying diamonds...


one must be aware that most diamond vendors are allowed by the FTC to exaggerate the quality claims of a luxury item (which jewelry and diamonds fall under) without penalty.  As a result, most stores will do this, especially chain stores and those who directly compete with them. We specialize in acquiring your diamond to the exact specifications you desire without exaggerating the claims of its quality.

If a consumer compares a diamond of the same quality grade between different stores, one still cannot determine if the store with the best price is offering the best value. Why? Because every diamond grade falls within a range. For example, not all SI1-G grades are the same, even those from the same grading lab.  A SI1 clarity might barely be a SI1, and almost a SI2 (the next lower grade). The next SI1 diamond you look at might be a top of the range SI1, or almost a VS2. 

This is why when you look at a list of stones with the same grade you will see a huge difference in prices. The color grade is also a range and works the same way. The cut grade is even more complicated, and can be very misleading. I have declined to buy many “ideal cut” diamonds because they look terrible.  

We strive to eliminate all of the deceptive sales conversation and “tell it like it is,” rather than resort to using things like misleading grading reports to our advantage. If a stone is
a SI1 and it’s graded better, we still tell the consumer it’s really a good SI1. If the color or the cut grade is misgraded, we’ll tell you rather than sell you a seemingly well-priced diamond and pull the wool over your eyes. This is why our loyal customers keep coming back to us - we remove the worry from buying diamonds, so you can just have fun shopping!

As you may have heard, there are four C’s to remember when shopping for a diamond:


The 4 C’s



Although sometimes forgotten, the cut is of equal importance to color and clarity but is much more difficult to judge for the non-professional. The quality of the cut basically refers to how good of a job a person did when polishing and placing the angles of the facets. The quality of the cut controls how much the diamond sparkles, and how bright or dull it looks overall.









When diamonds are cut too deep or too shallow, they might leak light through the side or bottom, thus causing them to lose some of their brilliance. Very poorly cut diamonds have almost no sparkle, and this is always reflected in the price. For example, a 1 carat, SI1-G round diamond can range from about $4,700 for a poorly cut one to about $9,300 for an extremely well cut one. As you can see, the cut of a diamond makes quite a difference.


A measure of weight. This is usually an indicator of size, however, two diamonds of the same carat weight can be different sizes. A carat (1.00 ct) can also be divided into 100 “points”, so a .50 carat diamond is exactly the same as as a ½ carat diamond, or 50 points diamond.










A presence or absence of body color tint. It may appear to the naked eye that a diamond is colorless. Yellow color is the most obvious to see in a diamond, where as brown is a little more difficult to detect. There’s even gray body color tint, where you cannot see a color, the diamond just looks darker for some reason.











The amount of inclusions or imperfections. There are approximately 26 different types including cracks, gas bubbles, feathers, light or dark spots, etc. The GIA use a detailed scale to measure the clarity of a diamond ranging from Flawless (FL) to Included (I3). Subscript numerals indicate the valuation within each grade, with 1 indicating a higher clarity and 3 indicating less clarity.

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