Diamond Misgrading Warning!


In the lowest four diamond images above are internet GIA certified diamonds SI1-H excellent cutting.

Only the diamond on the left is accurately graded. The other three have inaccurate or fraudulant GIA certificates. 



Have you ever wondered why the diamonds at the beginning of a company's list of diamonds are much less expensive than the diamonds near the end of the list,  when they are all supposedly the same quality and size?  It's because they are not actually the same quality, even though the quality on the certificates lead you to believe they are. Many diamonds have undisclosed flaws.  Example,  a diamond which is graded SI 1  might have inclusions trapped within the stone in an area more difficult to see, and another might have them right under the center, or even worse the imperfections might break the surface.  This can make a half price difference, even though the grade is the same on their grading certificates!  So the most expensive diamond at the end of a list of diamonds of the same quality, is the diamond without any hidden problems!   Cut is 1/3 of the value, color is 1/3 and clarity is 1/3... (size is an obvious factor). There are 626 combinations.  The vendors play the nut and shell game all the time... We like repeat customers and do not play those games to just make one sale.


SIZE                PRICE RANGE                            We recommend

3/8 carat          $590-$2100.00                                  $1550+/-

1/2 carat          $699-$3300                                       $2350+/-

5/8 carat          $899-$3900                                      $2850+/-

3/4 carat          $999-$6200                                       $3500+/-

1  carat            $1999-$14,000                                    $6850+/-

1.5 carat          $2999-$26,000                                   $15,900+/-

2  carat            $5600-46,000                                     $20,000+/-

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diamond misgrading warning!

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